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What are the costs of a trademark registration in Albania?

The costs of trademark registration in Albania depend on the number of Nice classes that are relevant to the trademark. Most marks need 1 to 3 classes, but it is possible to get  protection in all of classes 1 through 45 of the Nice classification.


How do you get a trademark registration in Albania?

In Albania, the First To File jurisdiction, in short FTF, applies. This means that you do not acquire the exclusive rights to a trademark by using it, but by being the first to register this trademark. You can register a trademark in Albania at the DPPM, the General Directorate of Patents and Trademarks, located in the capital Tirana. This department belongs to the GDIP, the institute that deals with all intellectual rights. In addition to brand names, these are also patents, for example. The trademark registration process in Albania takes between eight and eleven months. This may take longer if third parties object to your application.


Registration of a combined trademark

A brand name can consist of only word elements or figurative elements, but also of a combination thereof. If you file a trademark in Albania that contains both elements, the protection only applies to the exact combination of both. Do you also want to be able to use the word element or logo separately? Then it is wise to register and protect them separately. If you do not do this, there is a chance that third parties can use it. If this is the case, you can still object – if they offer a product or service with a very strong resemblance to yours.


Process steps

To register a trademark in Albania, you must work with a locally authorized trademark agent. Before submitting the application, it is important to have done a good trademark search. This way you determine whether or not the trademark has already been registered. After submitting the application, the DPPM performs an initial assessment. If your application meets the requirements, your trademark application will be published in the Trademarks Gazette. Any third parties will then have three months to lodge an objection. In the meantime, the DPPM is conducting further investigation. When your application is approved, you will receive a certificate and it will be officially published.


Which documents do you need for your trademark application in Albania?

You need various documents to apply for your brand name. These are the FM1 form, signed by you or your legal representative, eight copies of the label, a proof of payment to the DPPM and a power of attorney if you are represented. If the documents are incomplete, your application cannot be processed.


Requirements for attribution and retention of your brand name

In order to register your trademark in Albania, it does not necessarily have to be in use yet. However, you should be aware that if the trademark is not used for a period of five years after the application, it runs the risk of being discontinued due to lack of use. To avoid this, the brand must be used on a commercial scale after five years.

Incidentally, not everything can be registered as a trademark. By law, an application for a brand name in Albania can be refused if:

  • It goes against public morality
  • The brand consists of state or international symbols, flags or religious symbols
  • The trademark consists of names of well-known public persons, without their authorization

The validity of a trademark registration in Albania

If you have successfully registered a trademark in Albania, it will be valid for ten years. This term applies from the date of application. When the validity period comes to an end, you can renew your brand name for another ten years. You can keep doing this endlessly. Your application for renewal of your trademark in Albania can be submitted as early as twelve months before the end date. Are you late? A grace period applies up to six months after its expiry. After payment of a higher rate, your application can still be processed.


Information about the GDIP

As already mentioned, you arrange the registration of your brand name in Albania at the DPPM, which is part of the GDIP. This is the only organization authorized by the Republic of Albania to deal with this. In addition to trademark registrations, the institute is also responsible for, among other things, issuing patents on industrial inventions and utility models. The GDIP makes it possible for applicants to arrange their request for registration entirely online.


An international application through the Madrid Protocol

Albania is also one of the large group of countries that have signed the Madrid Protocol. This means that registering a trademark in Albania is not only possible at a local level, but can also be applied for internationally. You then turn to WIPO, where you can choose for which countries you want to apply for trademark registration. You do need a basic registration in the Benelux to be able to achieve this. An opposition period also applies when you submit registration applications via WIPO, during which third parties can object to the registration of your trademark. As with a local application, a term of three months applies.

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