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Trademark registration Slovenia

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What are the costs of a trademark registration in Slovenia?

The costs of trademark registration in Slovenia depend on the number of Nice classes that are relevant to the trademark. Most marks need 1 to 3 classes, but it is possible to get  protection in all of classes 1 through 45 of the Nice classification.


How do you get a trademark registration in Slovenia?

Registering a brand name in Slovenia is necessary if you want to obtain the exclusive rights over it. The country has a first-to-file jurisdiction. Registering a trademark in Slovenia can be done in several classes. For foreign entrepreneurs, the registration procedure must be completed by a trademark attorney.

To apply for trademark protection in Slovenia, it is not necessary to actually already have it in use. However, this does not alter the fact that active use prior to a registration procedure drastically reduces the chance of objection on the basis of defective distinctiveness. You should also check whether the trademark or a trademark closely resembling it is already in use prior to submitting your application. The Slovenian patent office does not investigate this.


How can you register a trademark in Slovenia?

The first step in the application procedure involves submitting an application to the Slovenian Intellectual Property Office. This may be in Slovenian, English, German or French. If you choose one of the last three, you must submit a Slovenian translation within three months of submitting your application. The review procedure starts with a formal investigation by the specialists of the patent office. If your application meets the requirements, publication in the trade bulletin “Bilten za industrijsko lastnino” will take place.

An opposition period of three months starts immediately after publication. Third parties can exercise their right to object within this period, for example on the basis of exclusive trademark rights previously acquired by them. If there is no objection, or if you can successfully defend yourself against this, registration is a fact and you will receive a certificate. Registering a trademark in Slovenia usually takes 12 months.


What is the best way to deal with combined trademarks?

It is allowed to combine several elements with each other. You can also apply for trademark protection for a combined trademark. Successful registration leads to the protection of the trademark, in the exact combination of elements provided to the Slovenian Patent Office. The elements are therefore not protected separately from each other.

If you also want to realize the protection of individual elements, it is necessary to submit a separate application for this. If you fail to do this, a third party could legally use such an element. You can do something about this in only one situation: if this person or company offers the same goods or services (or things that are very similar to your offer), you object based on confusing similarity. The success of such an objection is highly situation-dependent.


What is the validity period of Slovenian trademark protection?

Have you been able to successfully apply for trademark protection in Slovenia? The exclusive rights you acquire with this are valid for ten years. This period starts with retroactive effect from the date of application. You can submit an extension indefinitely and always from twelve months before the end date of the current term. Have you already exceeded the end date? There is a grace period of six months, during which you can still renew the trademark protection at a higher rate.

As mentioned, it is not strictly necessary to actively use your trademark on the Slovenian market before applying for trademark protection at the Slovenian Intellectual Property Office. You also do not need to submit a letter of intent. However, this doesn’t mean you can leave your trademark unused for as long as you want. When a period of five years of inactivity elapses after registration, third parties can object for the purpose of canceling the registration. To avoid this, use of your registered trademark should be on a commercial scale.


Entering the international market after the Slovenian

Registering a trademark directly through the Slovenian Intellectual Property Office leads to trademark protection within Slovenian territory. Depending on your ambitions, however, it is also possible to extend trademark protection to an international level. This can be within the European Union, but also worldwide. Do you decide within six months of successfully registering a trademark in Slovenia that you want to be able to use your product or service beyond the borders of this country? Then the application date in Slovenia can be used as the priority date for a foreign application.


An EU registration or an international registration

If you intend to expand your commercial activities to the rest of Europe, your Slovenian registration can serve as a basis for this. With an EUTM registration you obtain exclusive trademark rights within all countries of the European Union, which at the time of writing are 27. Slovenia is also one of the member states of the Madrid Protocol. Extension of the international registration of trademark rights via the Madrid System is therefore also possible in this country.

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Trademark registration Slovenia