Trademark protection

Trademark protection is the way to use your brand and models as you intended when you registered them. You wanted protection, but notice that others want to get a free ride. We track those free riders down and act against them.

Over 150,000 researches

We have researched availability for more than 150,000 brands and verified that they met all requirements to trademark them.

1500+ trademarks per year

Every year we register more than 1500 trademarks in all countries in the world, with objections being lodged in less than 1 percent.

Unique fee calculator

With our unique fee calculator you can determine in 2 minutes in what countries worldwide you want to register based on your needs and budget.

Three options of brand protection

These are the three options for online brand protection

Market place

By continuously scanning hundreds of market places and to compare rates we can determine if there is a case of trademark infringement.


Many webshops try to include brand names in their domain names in order to take advantage of your name, and we will take immediate action against those practices.

Social Media

Social media seems hard to figure out, and that’s why we are member of countless of closed groups so we can scan who is offering fake products.

Trademark registration online

What is trademark protection?
Trademark protection is the combination of software and infiltrating in the right areas of the internet to find misuse and infringement. As soon as either on is established, a file is being prepared in order to collect evidence allowing for a strong legal response towards the infringing party.
What are the costs of protecting trademarks?
The trademark protection costs depend on what you want to deploy. Do you want to research if fake products, illegal copies or fake licenses are being sold? We can research it on the internet in the Benelux, the EU or worldwide. depending on the outcome of this research we’ll set up a plan and budget. For example, for the research, but also to collect evidence by purchasing real and fake products. Of course we’ll always consult with you beforehand what the costs for a course of action will be, within a certain bandwidth.
How does brand protection work?
Brand protection happens in three areas of the internet, which are:

  1. Marketplaces
  2. Websites
  3. Social media

Marketplaces, website or closed groups on social media are a hotbed of trademark infringement. Whether it is about offering illegal software, software licenses or fake products.

It’s practically impossible to scan everything and we are not conducting a manual scan per se, but it is tailor made research via uniquely written programs and algorithms.

As soon as we discover websites who infringe your trademark with their domain name, we will make sure they will go offline, at marketplaces we gather evidence and a compensation is being demanded.

It doesn’t matter if the infringing party did it intentionally or not. Legally speaking, there is no difference in being a private citizen or a small store. If you infringe upon a trademark registration we need to act against it.

The same goes for sales via closed groups on social media. Regarding the amount of compensation, we will of course take into account whether the infringing party did so in a professional way or if he just sold a few pair of shoes.

Why is brand protection necessary?
You need to maintain and use a brand, if you registered one. Using it is of course logical, but if you don’t use it for the intended purpose within five years after registering said brand, your trademark registration could expire.  It doesn’t happen automatically, but if someone registers a similar or the same trademark it could endanger your registration.

Besides that, you’ll also need to maintain your brand in order to keep the rights. Part of this process is brand protection. You need to ensure that there are as few fake products as possible and you need to act against them if they do appear. Even though it might be unpleasant for small shops or individual salesmen, who ‘didn’t knew’ that selling fake articles is forbidden, we’ll still act accordingly and demand a compensation for damages incurred and for the fact that infringement has happened.

What are the benefits of brand protection?

The benefits of brand protection are mainly in maintaining and using your trademark rights and model rights. You have invested in products and services and that’s why you’ve defined them as clear as possible. That makes it extremely annoying when others take advantage of your brand or trademark without your permission.

By protection trademarks you will be certain that we’ll discover where infringement takes place, allowing you to stop and curb these criminal offenses.

We always demand a compensation if parties get caught. This starts with a fierce legal letter and often that fact alone is sufficient, but in some cases it could be that we have bank accounts, deposits, stock and inventory of the infringing party seized. Everything to protect your brands.

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Trademark protection