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Fixed fee

Via our fee calculator you can see in three clicks what the costs are of your trademark application, including all costs of our professionals and the government taxes.

No hidden charges

We are completely transparent in the costs and therefore you can immediately see what the trademark application costs are; including all governmental fees.

Money back guarantee

If you apply your trademark online via our tool and it turns out to be not distinctive enough or unavailable after our free identical search before registration, you will immediately get your money back.

No waiting

After going through the steps on our website and making the payment, we will immediately start preparing the application. This ensures that you do not have to wait and the registration procedure is started immediately. This gives you the fastest protection for your brand, so that no one else can use it anymore.

Global support

We register in every country in the world. With our own professionals or with our own agents who are selected for knowledge and skills to ensure successful registration of trademarks.

Top rated

Our trademark office is internationally rated particularly well by satisfied customers, with countless 5 star reviews worldwide, we guarantee high customer satisfaction and we are proud of that.

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