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How to register internationally?

Register your trademark online?


How to register a trademark?

You can register a trademark by filing it with the official trademark register of the countries you need protection in. For that to happen, a mark needs to meet several requirements, otherwise no trademark right will be granted.

The trademark registration procedure for brands internationally has 6 steps, which are:

  1. Perform a search for older registrations;
  2. Optimize scope of protection;
  3. File the trademark;
  4. Publication, refusal or office action;
  5. Legal objection period;
  6. Final registration.

What are the costs for trademark registration?

The costs of registering a trademark depend on where it will be registered. The cheapest option is for a single country. You could also register in all countries of the European Union in one application and in more countries worldwide using the Madrid Treaty. Registrations in countries not party to this treaty are generally more expensive.

It’s possible to register your trade name and logo in all countries in the world, but that cannot be done in one application.


When can you register a trademark?

You can always register a trademark. Whether you are a company or an individual, or a political party, club or foundation for that matter. You don’t have to be registered with a trademark at the Chamber of Commerce in order to be able to register a trademark. You register your brand when you have a new product of when you are about to offer a new service, but also when you’ve been running your company for years and never got to do the registering.

Perhaps you already might have a trademark registration, but your company has been growing and now you’re not only operating in the Benelux but in other countries in Europe or worldwide as well.


Where to register a trademark?

It’s possible to register your brand in the ARIPO, Benelux, EU, OAPI and all other countries in the world.

You could consider some of the following, in order to be able to determine where to register your trademark:

  1. The country you are located in
  2. The country where the products are being manufactured
  3. Countries where infringement is to be expected
  4. Countries where important competitors are located
  5. Countries where the products and services are being sold or offered on a regular basis

Why file a trademark?

The main reason for choosing trademark registration is that without registering your trademark you will never know for sure whether you are allowed to use the trademark and you will not inadvertently commit trademark infringement.

In addition, you can prevent competitors from using identical or similar brands, thus causing confusion. You may also use the Ⓡ sign after registration.

Next to this, you can prevent competitors from copying or pirating your product. 


Why do you need to register a trademark?

Registering a trademark gives protection to your brand. But a trademark registration offers more benefits apart from the obvious protection. It allows you to keep competitors out, adequately protecting your revenue.

You can also prevent other companies from advertising with your brand name and thus stealing your revenue. We know customers who lost 40% of their revenue before they started to register their trademarks.

A fact not to be forgotten, is that you can add a registered trademark on the balance sheet. Assets is a different term for possessions. A non-registered trademark can never represent value, even if you feel like it does. For example, because you have a nice revenue stream coming in. If you want to attract investors, want franchisers or want to sell the company without your trademark being registered, there is no way any value can be assigned to your brand.

That’s why putting your brand on the balance sheet is an important reason to register it. You’ll immediately recoup the registration costs.


How to register a trademark yourself?

You can register a trademark yourself by following these 4 steps:

  1. Have your trademark checked online
  2. Determine categories with our useful tool
  3. Select countries to register in
  4. Apply online

Registering a trademark used to be complicated, but with our tool it’ll only take five minutes. You don’t need any legal knowledge to apply and you’ll have 10 years of protection in the categories you’ve selected.

If you’d rather prefer one of our trademark attorneys checks your application beforehand, we’d be happy to help out.

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