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How can I register a trademark online?

Registering a trademark online is possible through the tool. You choose what you want to protect, for example a brand name, logo or combination. You choose the brand name and in which countries it should be protected.

Finally, you can easily determine the classes yourself. This is the scope of protection the trademark needs. You can choose from all the legally possible products or services and within which the trademark must be protected. Once the classes have been determined you can use an online payment to pay and the procedure will be started.

As with any trademark application, it is important that proper trademark research is done beforehand. This can be identical or in-depth research. This will map the chances and risks of the trademark application and can be used to assess whether the trademark can be filed or whether it is better to choose another name.

Before filing a mark, a search for availability will always be done, to make sure the trademark meets all the necessary requirements for a trademark. If it does not meet these requirements, trademarks will be refused and that is a shame, because refusal is easy to prevent, for example in combination with a strong logo.

In addition to a logo, a principal trademark may also provide sufficient distinctiveness to avoid refusal based on those points.

Trademarks that are refused on these grounds are, for example, descriptive or they are contrary to public order and morality. For example, Apple can be used for phones and computers, but not as a greengrocer.


How to apply online for a trademark registration?

Before you can apply for a trademark online, the availability must be examined. once it is clear there are no conflicting trademarks with older rights, the scope of protection must be optimized.

The scope of protection is determined by the Nice classes. There are 45 classes in this regard. 35 for products and 10 for services. Each product and service can be classified in one or more of these classes.

Because the classification determines the degree of protection you get, it is essential it is chosen properly. Our trademark tool ensures that you can clearly choose which classes of Nice you need. This way you can be sure your trademark gets the right protection.


How much does a trademark registration online cost?

Online trademark registration fees depend on which country the registration is done for and whether using the Madrid Convention or opting for national applications is an option. The latter option is often the best and only strategy for countries not affiliated with the Madrid system.

If registration is required in multiple countries, as well as if multiple classes are needed to properly protect a trademark, international registration through the Madrid system is the most efficient in terms of cost.


What does the process for online trademark registration look like?

The process of an online trademark registration consists of 7 steps:

  1. Brand research
  2. Drawing up a classification
  3. Online payment
  4. Brand submission
  5. Brand requirements assessment
  6. Opposition period
  7. Trademark registration

This procedure does not differ from the regular trademark registration, but it can be processed faster, which means the trademark is eventually registered sooner. In addition, the cost of the online process is often lower, compared to a regular application.


What are the documents required for trademark registration?

The requirements for a trademark registration may vary by country, but are in principle as follows:

  • Name of applicant
  • Correspondence address
  • Clear representation of the trademark
  • List of goods and services
  • Official fee for a minimum of 1 class

In the United States, for example, another document is required, the Intent to Use statement.

Online trademark registration