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Of course, we always extensively check whether your brand can be protected or not.



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What is a search for a trademark?

Searches exist in a variety of forms. For example, there is always the free worldwide identical trademark search.

This happens standardly with every registration of our trademark office. In addition, it may be smart to conduct extensive search.

During these investigations, extensive search is done on similar brands and you get an analysis of the risks, so that you know whether there is a high probability of objection from older brands or not.


Free identical search

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Free identical search

What are the costs for trademark search?

The costs of trademark search depend on the type you would like us to carry out. We have selected several searches that you can request directly online. You will immediately see the costs of the search in question so that you can order it. After ordering the search, it will be done within 24 hours.

Does a search show the availability of a trademark?

Almost all registrations start with a free, identical search. This search shows the trademark registrations worldwide with the same name. This is often not enough because similar trademarks may also object to a new registration.

Imagine a clothing brand called ‘Ghetto’. Your brand is called Ghetti and when you perform an identical search, the brand Ghetto will not come up. If Ghetto carries out trademark monitoring, they will discover you and therefore object to your registration.

That’s a waste, because you lose the money you spent on registration and other costs.

Comprehensive search shows all similar trademarks and lets you quickly see what the risks are when registering. Whether there are similar brands or not.

We can do phonetic search and in-depth investigations into similar brands.

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