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What is it?

Monitoring of trademarks ensures that you retain the monopoly on your name or logo. Many companies think that this service isn’t necessary because they use Google on a weekly or monthly basis, to see if other similar trademarks arose. That’s a good tactic if you want to act against parties that are not so smart that they choose to register the trademark.

It is becoming more and more common for companies to register their trademark first and only after that create a website or make themselves discoverable online. The appeal period has then already passed, when you discover that there is a new trademark that resembles yours. That’s a shame, because then there’s nothing left to be done and thus you’re too late.

Monitoring prevents this and ensures that you can act before the brand is registered. The trademark monitoring software detects all similar trademarks every two weeks and warns of possible infringements.

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What trademark monitoring services are there?

Watching of trademarks warn you when others try to register similar trademarks. Only five infringement services exist. These are:

1. National monitoring


2. European monitoring


3. Worldwide monitoring


4. Benelux monitoring


5. Trade name monitoring


How does monitoring software work?

Our trademark monitoring software continuously checks all new trademark registrations worldwide. You can choose between monitoring the image or the word. If you choose for the image, all new trademark logos that are deemed similar will be submitted to you for review. The same applies to similar or copied word marks.

You’ll be notified through a message so that you can judge yourself. If you find that it is not an infringement, you can decide to not act, and if you believe that there is an infringement, you can object and stop the registration of the new trademark.

This way you maintain the trademark and you thus not only ensure that competitors won’t enter the market, you also increase your protection. You can then always prove in any other procedures that you ensure that the trademark is protected.

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Trademark monitoring