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Trademark costs explained


How much does it cost to trademark a name?

The costs of a trademark registration depend on a number of factors. The costs depend on the following 5 factors:

  • Number of classes
  • Number of countries
  • Filing fee
  • National trademark registration
  • International trademark registration

Depending on the number of countries and classes where trademark protection is required, the filing strategy must be determined. If a trademark falls into few classes and only needs to be registered in one or two countries, then a national trademark application is often the most advantageous option.

If registration is required in more countries and the trademark also falls into several classes, the international trademark registration costs are often the lowest when using the Madrid Treaty. Please note that not all countries in the world are affiliated with this system.


How much is the trademark filing fee?

Trademark filing fee is split into two parts. The administrative fees of the government agency in the country where protection is sought and the fee of the trademark attorney if you choose to use them.

It is important to check carefully whether the filing fees are offered including or excluding government taxes.


How much do trademarks cost from start to finish?

Trademark costs during the brand’s existence depend on the following factors:

  • Office action
  • Renewal
  • Act against infringement
  • Madrid Treat Countries
  • Single Class Countries

During the registration period you can face costs such as an office action. These are often minor adjustments that have to be made within the trademark application in order to be able to continue and complete the procedure.

After the period in which your trademark is valid, the question is whether you opt for an extension of your rights. If you renew your trademark registration, you will generally have to deal with similar costs as those of the application. This differs per country.

If, during the validity of your trademark, you actively take action against trademark infringement by other parties that use or submit similar trademarks, it is wise to reserve a budget for this as well. Use of your brand by another party can often easily be disposed of with a summons letter. If a newer trademark is applied for in the country where your trademark is also protected and this may cause confusion, it is an option to file an opposition. The costs of lodging an objection also differ per country.

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