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What are the costs of a trademark registration in Czech Republic?

The costs of trademark registration in Czech Republic depend on the number of Nice classes that are relevant to the trademark. Most marks need 1 to 3 classes, but it is possible to get  protection in all of classes 1 through 45 of the Nice classification.


How do you get a trademark registration in Czech Republic?

It is necessary to register a trademark in the Czech Republic if you want to obtain the exclusive trademark rights in this territory. There is a first-to-file jurisdiction. An application to register a trademark in the Czech Republic must be submitted to the UPV, the Czech Intellectual Property Office. Use of your trademark prior to registration is not a condition, although it does considerably reduce the chance of rejection on the basis of defective distinctiveness. Applications can be submitted by both natural and legal persons.


What are the requirements to apply for a trademark in the Czech Republic?

Anyone who is going to register a brand name in the Czech Republic must send a few other things to the UPV together with the completed application form. This concerns:

  • text or image of the intended trademark
  • personal details of the applicant
  • list of specific goods and services to which protection will apply, including an indication of the classes according to the international Nice Classification

The administrative costs must be paid within one month after submitting the above. If not, your application will be considered as not sent.


The recommended way to register a combined trademark in the Czechia

If your trademark concerns a brand that consists of both verbal and figurative elements, we speak of a combined trademark. In that case, it is important to realize that the exclusive trademark rights arising from a registration only apply to the combination of trademark elements, exactly as you have submitted them to the Czech Intellectual Property Office. Do you also want to be able to protect the word element or the figurative element separately? Then it is best to submit a separate application for this.

If you do not do this, third parties can use these separate elements without this resulting in sanctions for them. After all, using an unregistered element is legal. This means that in practice there is nothing you can do about it. However, there is one exception to this: if a person or company offers the same products or services (or products or services that are very similar to what you offer), you file an objection based on confusing similarity.


Prior to the application procedure: trademark search

To avoid problems with owners of already registered trademarks, it is important to gain insight into the existing trademarks before submitting your application. You can perform an informative trademark search in various available databases. This concerns not only the Czech database, but also those of the EUIPO and WIPO, respectively the databases of the European Union and the whole world.


What is the procedure you go through to register a trademark in Czechia?

Once you have submitted your application form and accompanying documents, the Intellectual Property Office will first conduct a formal investigation to verify that your application meets all legal requirements. This is followed by a substantive investigation, which is carried out to determine whether the trademark meets the necessary requirements to be registered as such. In this phase, it is also checked whether there are identical, pre-existing brands.

If your application successfully completes the two examination phases, the agency will publish it in the official trade bulletin. An opposition period of three months starts on the date of publication, during which third parties can object to the granting of protection to your trademark. If this occurs, it can take up to a year to settle. If there is no opposition, or if it is rejected by the Intellectual Property Office, your brand name will be registered in the Czech Republic. Without objections, a registration procedure usually takes six months.


How long is trademark protection in the Czech Republic valid?

After registering a trademark in the Czech Republic, it is protected for ten years. The protection takes effect retroactively from the date of application. Extension, each time for a period of ten years, can be applied for without limitation and from twelve months before the end date of a current term. A grace period of six months applies after each term.


How long is inactivity allowed?

You do not need to have it in use before registering a trademark in the Czech Republic. A letter of intent is also not required from you. However, this does not alter the fact that you cannot leave a registered trademark unused indefinitely. After the expiry of five years from the registration date, third parties may object, which leads to an investigation by the UPV and possibly the lifting of your trademark protection.


European and International Registration

Since the Czech Republic is a member of the European Union, it is also possible to submit an EUTM application, which, if successfully completed, will give you trademark protection in all Member States of the European Union. This is interesting for entrepreneurs who want to be active in Europe now or in the future. The Czech Republic is also a member of the Madrid Protocol, which means that extension of an international registration within this territory is possible.

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