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What are the costs of a trademark registration in Belarus?

The costs of trademark registration in Belarus depend on the number of Nice classes that are relevant to the trademark. Most marks need 1 to 3 classes, but it is possible to get  protection in all of classes 1 through 45 of the Nice classification.


How do you get a trademark registration in Belarus?

Given that Belarus has a first-to-file jurisdiction, it is necessary to register your trademark in Belarus in order to obtain the exclusive trademark rights over it. Applications for this are handled by the NCIP, the National Center for Intellectual Property. To register a trademark in Belarus, it is not necessary to have it already in use in this country. However, this can drastically reduce the chance of objections based on insufficient distinctiveness. Multi-class applications are allowed in Belarus. Foreign entrepreneurs must submit their applications through a trademark attorney.


How does a trademark registration in Belarus work?

If you want to apply for trademark protection in Belarus, you follow a standard procedure that is the same for every applicant. The process includes a review to determine whether the trademark meets all registration requirements and a trademark search, which determines the existence of identical or very similar trademarks. The process does not involve a formal publication or opposition system. Details of your application are never made public. During the registration process, observant third parties may submit letters of objection on their own initiative.


What is the duration of the registration process?

Anyone wishing to register a trademark in Belarus must take into account a lengthy registration procedure. After you have submitted your application, you will receive confirmation within three to four months. The overall assessment will take approximately 20 months. Once trademark protection has been granted, it takes another three to four months before the certificate is issued. This means that you have to count on a procedure of two years in total.


How can you register a combined brand in Belarus?

When you have a trademark that consists of both a word element and a logo, it is called a combined trademark. The exclusive right that you obtain by registering the trademark in Belarus applies only to the exact combination of elements, as you indicated in your application. If you want to use one of the elements separately for commercial purposes and also be able to protect it, you must submit a separate application.

Individual elements are not protected if they are part of a registered combined trademark. Third parties can therefore make use of this. You can object to this in only one situation. If the person or company in question offers goods or services that are the same as yours, or very similar to them, you are objecting on the basis of confusing similarity. The success of such an objection is variable.


What are the required documents and information?

If you want to register a brand name in Belarus, you must submit various documents and associated information to the NCIP. This concerns:

  • name and address of the applicant
  • trademark images
  • list of goods and services, in accordance with the international classification
  • if applicable: certified copy of the priority document
  • signed power of attorney (legalization of this document is not necessary)

How long is trademark protection valid?

Once you have been able to register your trademark in Belarus, you will enjoy exclusive trademark protection for ten years. You can also have trademark protection continue indefinitely, by requesting an extension after every ten years. A request for an extension can be submitted from one year before the end date of the current term. There is also a grace period of six months, within which your request for extension can still be granted, provided you pay the associated higher costs. It is not possible to restore an expired trademark after the grace period has expired.


Rules about non-use

Before you apply for protection of a trademark in Belarus, it is not necessary to have this trademark already in use. This is not necessary immediately after successful registration. However, you cannot let a registered trademark be inactive indefinitely. In Belarus, brands that are still inactive three years after the registration date become vulnerable to termination. Third parties can object to the NCIP on the grounds of non-use. For trademarks registered before January 25, 2010, a period of five years applies.


International registration through the Madrid System

If you want to register a brand name in Belarus, you are not only dependent on the local (national) route. Belarus is also a member of the Madrid Protocol, which means that expansion of international trademark protection within this country is possible. In addition, applying for trademark protection in Belarus through the Madrid System is a lot faster than applying directly to the local authority.

Madrid’s international registration system ensures that you can have your trademark protected in several countries that are affiliated with this system. There are currently over a hundred. So you only need to submit one application. Although the costs are higher, this is a good choice for entrepreneurs who want to carry out their commercial activities outside Belarus now or in the future.

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