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What are the costs of a trademark registration in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

The costs of trademark registration in Bosnia and Herzegovina depend on the number of Nice classes that are relevant to the trademark. Most marks need 1 to 3 classes, but it is possible to get  protection in all of classes 1 through 45 of the Nice classification.


How to obtain a registered trademark in Bosnia and Herzegovina

A trademark registration Bosnia and Herzegovina is necessary to obtain exclusive rights over it. There is a so-called “First to File” jurisdiction, which means that it is not sufficient to obtain the rights to it using a trademark. To register a trademark in Bosnia and Herzegovina, turn to the IPR, the Intellectual Property Office. Although it is not necessarily necessary to have a trademark actively in use at the time of application, it may not go unused for the next five years. There is then a risk of cancellation of the trademark due to inactivity.

To register a trademark in Bosnia and Herzegovina, it is not mandatory to be represented by a professional authorized by the local authorities. It is up to you whether you want to be represented or submit the application yourself. Foreign applicants do not need to be registered as a resident in the country.


Word elements and figurative elements

If you want to file a trademark in Bosnia Herzegovina, this can be a brand consisting of word elements, a brand consisting of figurative elements or a brand in which both elements are included. If the latter applies to your brand, you will receive exclusive rights over the exact combination of elements, as you have submitted to the IPR. This means that word elements and figurative elements are not protected separately from each other and that third parties may request a registration for them.

If this happens and this party offers the same or very similar goods or services, you can object. The trademark application of the relevant party is then examined. Of course you prefer to prevent this situation. Therefore, if you want to register a trademark in Bosnia Herzegovina, it is recommended to register both elements separately.


Searching for identical or comparable brands

If you intend to file a trademark in Bosnia Herzegovina, you must also perform a thorough trademark search in advance. This means that you search the appropriate database for the existence of previously registered trademarks with an identical or similar character. There are two ways in which you can perform a trademark search. For example, it is possible to transfer an amount to the IPR so that you can use their register. A second option is to independently search relevant databases, such as the Register of Trademarks and the Madrid Monitor.


What are the steps in the trademark application process in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

If you want to apply for a trademark in Bosnia Herzegovina, you follow a fixed step-by-step plan. First, you complete an application form for the IPR. You also send proof of payment to the institute and any power of attorney, if you have yourself represented. The Intellectual Property Office must have processed your application within eight days. After processing your data, the competent department will carry out a formal investigation.

When your application has been approved after the design examination, it will be published in the Gazette of the institute. This is done both on paper and electronically. The opposition period for other parties has a duration of three months. In the meantime, the IPR is conducting the substantive investigation. If your trademark is approved, you will receive a certificate and the official publication of your registered trademark will take place again in the Gazette.


What is the duration of the validity of your registered trademark?

If you want to apply for a trademark in Bosnia Herzegovina, you should take into account a process time of one to two years. Once the registration has been completed, it is valid for ten years. This period starts on the date of application and can be extended as often as necessary. An extension also always has a duration of ten years. Are you late in applying for your extension? There is a grace period of six months after the end date has passed. You can still renew your trademark for a higher fee.


How do international trademark applications work for Bosnia and Herzegovina?

If you decide to register a trademark in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the protection you receive with it is only valid within this country. There is no protection in any other country. If you wish, you can opt for an international registration. This is possible because Bosnia Herzegovina has been a member of the Madrid Protocol since 1992: the most important international system to facilitate trademark registration worldwide.

To file your trademark internationally, turn to WIPO, which is headquartered in Geneva. You do need a basic registration for this. You pay the costs for trademark registration directly to this international office. You only need a single application to obtain protection in your designated countries. This option is especially interesting for entrepreneurs who want to register their trademark not only in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also in other countries.


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