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What are the costs of a trademark registration in Uganda?

The costs of trademark registration in Uganda depend on the number of Nice classes that are relevant to the trademark. Most marks need 1 to 3 classes, but it is possible to get  protection in all of classes 1 through 45 of the Nice classification.


How do you get a trademark registration in Uganda?

A trademark registration in Uganda is highly recommended if you want to be sure that your trademark is well protected. Without trademark registration there is no protection, and therefore no rights. A trademark protects goods, while the service mark protects the services of the registered user. The trademark can consist of various elements, such as designs, colors, labels, symbols and words. Signatures and numbers can also belong to a trademark. Several types of trademarks can be registered in Uganda, which we will discuss in more detail later.


The Trademark Registration Act in Uganda

In Uganda there is a law that provides for, among other things, trademark registration, duration and procedure of registration, the effect of the registration and actions for trademark infringement. This law also includes trademark-related violations and compensation for legal proceedings. Trademark registration in Uganda is governed by the Trademarks Act, 2010.


What different types of trademarks can you register in Uganda?

Different types of trademarks can be registered or registered in Uganda. This concerns the following brands:

  • Defensive Marks
  • Certification marks
  • Collective brands
  • Service Marks
  • Associated brands

It is good to assess in advance exactly what trademark you want to register in Uganda. Below you will find descriptions of the various options.


Registering Defensive Marks

This is a trademark applied for by a trademark holder of a well-known trademark. The trademark applies to goods and/or services not intended for use by that owner. Defensive marks are registered to reduce the risk of third parties using the trademark for unrelated goods or services.


Registering a certification mark

This is a mark that indicates that the goods or services have been certified by the proprietor of the mark with regard to origin, method of manufacture, quality and other characteristics. The seal of approval may only be used in accordance with other defined standards.


Registering a collective mark in Uganda

In this case we are talking about a trademark that distinguishes the goods and services of members of an association from those of any other company. Collective marks usually belong to a group or association of companies. Its use is restricted to the members of such group or association.


Register a service mark

When a trademark is used for advertising services, it is necessary to register this trademark as a service mark. Companies may register service marks to distinguish and identify their services from those offered by competing parties.


Registering associated trademarks

Associated trademarks are trademarks that are identical to other trademarks that have been registered, or for which an application has been made for registration in the name of the same person for similar goods. It is therefore not possible to only register an associated trademark in Uganda.


What rights do you get with a trademark registration in Uganda?

When you choose to protect your brand through trademark registration in Uganda, you benefit from several important rights. In the first place, this concerns the exclusive use of the trademark for services and/or products that are mentioned at the time of registration. You also have the right to prevent others from using the trademark without your permission. The trademark provides legal protection against imitators who attempt to profit in any way from the trademark or business identity of a registered user. A registered trademark is provided with intellectual property, which can be sold or licensed, assigned or transferred. Finally, you get the right to start legal proceedings for trademark infringement.


Hoe werkt de procedure voor merkregistratie in Oeganda?

If you are not sure whether your trademark qualifies for registration, you can seek advice from the registrar. If you are going to register the trademark in Uganda, you have to take into account that the application is submitted against payment of the application fee. The application must contain the trademark to be used, the class of goods or services, the name, address and signature of the applicant. If the applicant is a foreign company, a power of attorney or authorization to a lawyer from the High Court of Uganda is sufficient.

An investigation into the application will take place and it will be examined whether the trademark can indeed be registered. This checks whether the trademark does not conflict with other trademark registration applications or with existing registrations. If the application is accepted, it will be published in the Government Gazette for 60 days. If there is no opposition within this period, you will receive proof of registration.


When should you renew your trademark?

It is important to keep the trademark registration in Uganda active. When the trademark is registered, this registration is initially valid for a period of 7 years. At the end of this year, it can be extended by 10 years at a time. By doing this you ensure that your trademark remains optimally protected and you can continue to use the rights that come with the registration.

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