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What are the costs of a trademark registration in Lebanon?

The costs of trademark registration in Lebanon depend on the number of Nice classes that are relevant to the trademark. Most marks need 1 to 3 classes, but it is possible to get  protection in all of classes 1 through 45 of the Nice classification.


How do you get a trademark registration in Lebanon?

You can apply for registration of your trade-mark in Lebanon at the Trade Department of the Ministry of Economy and Trade of the Lebanese Republic. It is also allowed to trade in Lebanon without registering your brand name. Conversely, you can also register your brand name without trading. However you look at it, you are only protected by having your brand registered.

You must submit several documents before your application is processed. Think of all contact details, but also the data about your company. For example, provide an extract from the Trade Register or a copy of the deed of incorporation. It is often difficult to determine exactly what you are trading from your brand name, so make a list of the goods or services you offer. Naturally, you must also provide a copy of your brand name. Make sure that the copy is the same as the original brand name, only then will the registration be valid for your trademark. So think of the colours, shapes or certain three-dimensional aspects.


Why is registration of a mark important?

First of all, you need to understand why it is best to register your trademark before trading. If external parties see that you are using a successful brand name, they may want to take advantage of it. If you haven’t registered a brand name in Lebanon yet, another individual or company can. In Lebanon, the first person to register his trademark has all the rights to use that trademark. For example, trade in Lebanon can be made impossible if you do not register your trademark on time.

Besides taking your name, a company or individual can go even further. The goods or services you offer can also be copied indiscriminately if your name is not registered. So avoid endless conflicts about ownership or that you cannot act at all by registering your brand name in Lebanon in time.


In which language should one perform a trademark search in Lebanon?

To find out immediately whether you have a chance of protecting your brand, it is best to conduct a trademark search. This allows you to see which brand names already exist in Lebanon that may resemble your unique name. This way you immediately know where you stand and to what extent you can use your brand name safely. Please note, in Lebanon a trademark search must be done in Latin. Also, figurative elements in the brand cannot be searched for, but textual elements can.


Do you have to register each part of your trademark separately?

With your application, only what you actually provide is protected. If your brand name consists of several elements, such as an image and a word, then only that combination is valid when you register your brand name. If you also want to secure the individual components, you must submit separate applications for this. If you don’t, everyone can claim parts of your brand name without any problems.

When this situation arises, all is not immediately lost. If a problem arises, you can appeal when a third party not only uses part of your brand name, but also offers the same type of goods or services. Whether your defense will actually be successful remains to be seen, after all, every conflict is a different story. Prevent such a situation and not only have your full brand name registered in Lebanon, but also its various parts.


How long is your trademark valid in Lebanon?

In most countries worldwide, the validity of a trademark is 10 years. In Lebanon your trademark is registered for 15 years upon application approval. You can renew the registration of your trademark, each time by 15 years. You do this from 12 months before the validity expires, or within 3 months after the expiry date. If you do it after the expiration date, you will pay an extra fee.


Where should you register your trade mark?

It goes without saying that you register your brand name in the country where you do business, but have you ever thought about the countries where your production lines run? You have to consider carefully which places are important to register your trademark, so that you cannot be unpleasantly surprised.

Also take a look at the competition. In countries where the major opponents are located, you also want to secure your brand. And in which countries are you most at risk of trademark abuse? You also have to be aware of this.

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