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What are the costs of a trademark registration in Burundi?

The costs of trademark registration in Burundi depend on the number of Nice classes that are relevant to the trademark. Most marks need 1 to 3 classes, but it is possible to get  protection in all of classes 1 through 45 of the Nice classification.


How do you get a trademark registration in Burundi?

Trademark registration in Burundi is mandatory to obtain the rights to the relevant trademark. The African country works on a first-to-file basis. This first-to-file jurisdiction means that you must be the first to obtain the exclusive rights to a brand name. This principle also applies in the Benelux, for example. The trademark application in Burundi must be filed with the Burundian Trademark Office of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism. Only in exceptional cases is an unregistered trademark eligible for protection.


What are the steps in the process for a trademark application in Burundi?

Registering a trademark means that only the registration request has been submitted to the trademark office in Burundi. Then a process starts. The trademark office will check whether your application meets the necessary requirements. During the assessment of the application, the submitted documentation is mainly verified. There is less emphasis on substantive treatment in Burundi. During a substantive treatment, it is examined, among other things, whether identical or comparable trademarks exist.


When will you receive a decision?

The processing of trademark registration in Burundi takes several months. The estimated time frame for the completion of the registration process is four to six months. The length of the registration process depends, among other things, on third parties, who may appeal the application. Appeals must be filed within thirty days of the publication of the application in the National Trademark Magazine. Disputes are based on, for example, plagiarism or violation of rights.


Opposition proceedings

The so-called opposition procedure is annoying. This is often more expensive than the costs of the application itself. That is why opposition proceedings are sometimes initiated to prevent parties from registering a trademark. In the end, it all depends on whether you think it’s worth defending your filed trademark. In any case, realize that such cases can arise as soon as you want to register a trademark in Burundi.


What information does Burundi need?

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism in Burundi needs various information from you. Of course the brand name, any accompanying visual material and your full personal data. But also consider the class(es) in which your brand name must be registered and a description of the services and/or products that your brand provides. The provision of information must be done accurately. An unclear description of your trademark can lead to (provisional) rejection of the application.


How does the Nice classification system work?

The trademark registration is allowed for the same price in three different classes. An additional charge applies for additional classes. The Nice classification system is used to determine the classes. The Nice classification system (NCL) is the standard for many countries worldwide. The NCL has a total of 45 different classes. Products fall under classes 1 to 34, services fall under the other eleven.


How long is a trademark valid?

A registered trademark in Burundi does not necessarily have to be active. It is true that the brand can be deregistered after three years of inactivity. Trademarks are valid for ten years and are renewable for periods of ten years. After the expiry date, a grace period of six months still applies. There are costs associated with this because of missing the expiry date.


How many different options for trademark registration in Burundi are there?

Burundi offers three different options for registering a brand name: image or word mark registration or a combined trademark. A word mark means that a mark consists only of alphanumeric (letters or numbers) characters. Burundi makes no distinction between fonts and stylized letters or numbers. A figurative mark uses an image, emblem or something else graphically. The combined trademark is a mix of the word and figurative mark.


Combined Trademark

When you register a combined trademark in Burundi, you have the exclusive right to use it. Please note that the registered trademark is used exactly according to the registration. This means that you cannot use a word element separately from the picture element. Not the other way around. If you do want this, a separate registration with only the word or image element is desirable.


What are the benefits of trademark registration in Burundi?

Trademark registration in Burundi has several advantages. First of all, you are assured of exclusivity and protection. Third parties cannot simply register identical or similar trademarks. As soon as this is the case, you can appeal on the basis of confusing similarity. Furthermore, you are entitled to the r symbol in case of a successful trademark application in Burundi. The r symbol is officially recognized. It is not allowed to just use this symbol.


Is the mark only valid in Burundi?

In Africa, the ARIPO and the OAPI also operate as umbrella organizations. The advantage of this is that brand names are valid in the different Member States. However, Burundi does not belong to these organisations. A recognized brand name in Burundi is therefore only protected and recognized in the country itself. If you want to register your brand name in other countries in addition to Burundi, this must be done separately.

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